Q.1  What all services are provided by DeeStitch ?
                DeeStitch currently  provides online women tailoring services in Hyderabad. 

         Q.2  What is the normal time of delivery of stitched fabric ?
                 10 days from the date of pick up of fabric.

         Q.3  What is the process of scheduling an appointment ?
                 After selecting the category to stitch, user can schedule an online appointment at their own convenient place and time.

         Q.4  How do we give measurement ?
                There are 3 options to choose for giving measurement, registered user can select any one of them, while scheduling the 
                (i) Provide the fitted garment to the representative
                (ii) Call for a designer to give measurement in person
                (iii) Schedule a video call

         Q.5  Are there any pickup and delivery charges applicable ?
                 Yes delivery charges are applicable.

         Q.6  What different taxes are included ?
                 Currently the total price to be charged is inclusive of all taxes. No additional taxes are charged.

         Q.7  How to select designs and patterns ?
                At the time of our representative visiting your residence for the measurement or , pickup of the fabric , the representative  will 
                have a digital catalogue of designs or the customers can also upload the design of their choice on the website or you can 
                WhatsApp the design to us on 9121021945.

         Q.8  Are there any extra charges applicable for providing/ uploading my design ?
                 It depends on the design.

         Q.9  Does the delivery time differ if we have have multiple orders  for stitching ?
                No the delivery time is calculated from the date of pickup of fabric and is not dependent on number of orders given.

        Q.10  What if the fitting is not proper after the dress is delivered to me ?
                 Our partners tailors and designers would always strive to give the best fit possible. Any fitting issue needs to be requested 
                 within 7 days of the delivery of the dress. If there is any error from our side ,we would do the alteration free of cost.

       Q.11  Are there any promotional offers and discounts available ?
                The promotional offers or discounts if any are generally displayed on the Home page.

       Q.12   Which all locations and cities are currently being serviced by DeeStitch ?
                 Currently we operate in Hitech City and its surrounding areas only in Hyderabad.